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Dutchfem the best cannabis seeds from Holland!

DutchFem is a new company in Europe. Afters years of experience with marijuana seeds in The Netherlands, we have decided to start our own cannabis seed company. With this we can offer you our own cultivated, feminized, autoflower and medicinal cannabis seeds of upmost quality. Like you've probably noticed, there is a large selection of seeds: Skunk, Cheese, Haze, Big Bud, Amnesia, Kush, Chronic, AK, Mazar, Power Plant, NLX, White Widow, Northern Light, Critical and so on. Besides that there are a lot of namings for cannabis like: weed, wiet, ganja, kaya, mary-jane, marihuana, etc. Because of this, making a choice can be difficult. That's why we at DutchFem chose for a clear overview from cannabis seeds, tested by us. We stand behind the genetics and quality of our supply cannabis seeds.

Are you looking for feminized, autoflower or medicinal cannabis seeds, then you're at the right place here at DutchFem. We have for every fancier of cannabis a solution. Our autoflower and medicnal seeds are feminized too so you don't have to remove any males anymore. You can cultivate these with a safe heart without them getting fertilized. With this you can put all your energy in growing the nicest and most awesome tops! We set our assortment up in such a way that we have a little of everything. We have a few classics like White Widow and Northern Light Special (NL x WW.) But also the most popular weed of the moment Amnesia which has been brougth to a new level thanks to our breeder. Besides that we also have the newest sensation from America  Girl Scout Kush (Girl Scout Cookies x Rollex OG)

We also offer an assortment of autoflower seeds. We have an sativa and indica variant in the workings at the moment and as this year passes a couple of strains will be added. The advantage to autoflower strains is, like the name implies, that they flower automatically. Because of this you've got in 8-9 weeks after germination a harvest-ready plant. All of our seeds are cultivated biologically and the motherplants are thus free of pesticides and other dangerous or chemical waste. We select them by hand to make sure that all seeds reach you in spot-on condition. Because of this you're guaranteed to have the best quality, High Quality and advice are priorities here, so if you have any questions or comments call or mail us. You can also contact us via the livechat.

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DutchFem Team

Dutchfem Cannabis Seeds

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