About Dutchfem

At DutchFem you can buy feminized, autoflower and medicinal (high CBD-percentage) cannabis seeds.

DutchFem is a fast growing company, and very experienced with working with and cultivating cannabis seeds. We have over 25 years experience with cultivating cannabis and 5 years ago we took the step to sell our own seeds, under the name DutchFem.

  • Biologically cultivated cannabis seeds
  • Hand-selected, high-quality seeds
  • A nice selection between white, Kush and Haze strains
  • The cannabis seeds are all made of pure genetics
  • All our cannabis seeds are tested on germination rate

Meet our experienced and passionate team!  

Our team exists of a grower with over 25 years of experience. A passionate grower and breeder, also with 25 years of experience. A very enthusiastic webdesigner who’s worked for multiple cannabis companies and made websites for them.

What we find very important is that you get the best cannabis seeds. We do everything to guarantee that.This results in high yields, taste and effect. But the input and the experience of the grower is a big influance on the outcome as well.

We love to help you with your order! 

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