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Doctor Diesel is a high THC/CBD sativa dominant strain bred by DutchFem. Sour Diesel has always been notorious for it’s medical purposes stress, pain and depression fade away in long-lasting relief. And Juanita La Lagrimosa, bred by Resin Seeds, is popular for extremely high CBD rates. The active, energizing and uplifting effects will motivate productivity and bring a positive mindset. Spicy and earthy aromas with a pungent typical diesel undertone.

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Doctor Diesel is a Sativa strain that has been bred by DutchFem. It is a high CBD/THC dominant strain too created from Sour Diesel and Juanita Lagrimosa. These medical cannabis seeds can be grown either indoors or outside without any problem. The strain is feminised and ideal for medicinal use and gets its desirable properties from its parents. Here is some information regarding this strain’s parents.


It is commonly known as Sour D. This invigorating Sativa strain gets its name from its pungent, diesel-like smell. The strain is fast-acting and offers the smoker energy and incredible cerebral effects. It is used medically to help fight stress, depression and pain. The strain offers long-lasting relief from the conditions that have made it desirable for many medical patients. Its roots date back to the early 90’s and is believed to have originated from Super Skunk and Chemdawg. If Sativa is legal in your area, you can buy cannabis seeds online and plant them at home.


This is a popular strain whose origin is Europe where it is considered a rare and prestigious variety. What makes the strain stand out is its cannabinoid ratio of 1:1 between the highly medicinal CBD and psychoactive THC. It is, therefore, the excellent strain for people looking for a viable healing strain without suffering from an excessive psychoactive high. Lab tests have concluded that Juanita la Lagrimosa has approximately 8.81% CBD and 6.77% THC.


It is a crossbreed of different Mexican and Thai landraces. The strain is Sativa dominant, leaving smokers with a burst of energy. Its flowers contain a fruity taste combined with lemon Haze aromas. Farmers can grow this strain indoors or outside, and its flowering window is very short, ranging from 60-65 days. It is this strain that gives Doctor Diesel its unique fruity taste. The euphoric effects it offers are great for anyone suffering from fatigue from stress or depression.


This strain is bred by Resin Seeds. What makes it popular is that it has high levels of CBD. It yields some desirable effects for patients and any other smoker, and you can buy these cannabis CBD seeds online. Some of them include:


  • Energy- boosting
  • Uplifting
  • Increased productivity
  • Positive mindset

It comes in different aromas, ranging from earthly to spicy with an undertone of pungent diesel smell. Users swear by its great effects that leave them more active than before.


Doctor Diesel’s Desirable Features:


  • Its flowering period is between 8 and 9 weeks
  • It comes in a sweet and fruity taste with a diesel undertone
  • Yields inspiring and energetic effects
  • Grows up to 100 cm in height
  • It contains 60% Sativa and 40% Indica

Additional information

Cannabis Type


Genetic Background

Tangerine Diesel x Juanita La Lagrimosa

Flowering Time

8-9 Weeks

Average Height



Sweet and Fruity


Energetic and Inspiring

Yield indoor 600w

500-550 gr/m2






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