Dutch Cheese


Cheese  is a legendary strain with her roots in Great Britain.  The legend says her origin is somewhere in the London squats named Exodus in the early nineties. Since then Cheese has dominated the English market. And like the name suggests, it smells a little like cheese.

“Very nice plant with unique scent”

Sten Urbanus


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Our ‘home-breeder’ was able to breed a more ‘Dutch’ version of this super strain. Her name is Dutch Cheese and she smells like Dutch Cheese. And he was so delighted with the taste, smell and flavour the immediately decided to add this ‘Dutchie’ in our catalogue.


But the cheesy smell is not everything! If you cultivate Dutch Cheese correct she will turn into a snow white bud covered with sticky terpenes. And then you realize you can enjoy this beautiful ‘Cheese’ just like a real slice of cheese with an excellent wine.


When you grow Dutch Cheese indoor she will grow up to 80-120 cm (2’5-3’5 feet.) And after approximetaly 9 weeks she will be ready to harvest and prepare to have some amazing crystal white buds. Outdoors she will be ready somewhere mid-October. Outdoor Dutch Cheese can grow up to 250-300 cm (7’5-9 feet,) so be careful and make sure your neighbours won’t find her.


All along Dutch Cheese is one of the award wining commercial strains and fits perfectly in the list of Big Bud, Power Plant and Skunk #1. All of those strains are high yielders, fast flowering and produce very dense buds. But the main charasteristic is the excentric taste, smell and flavour of this beautifull Dutch Cheese

Additional information

Cannabis Type

70% Indica 30% Sativa

Genetic Background


Flowering Time

7-8 Weeks

Average Height



Dutch Cheese


Happy Relaxed

Yield indoor 600w

500-550 gr/m2






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