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In the 90s indoor growing became a thing and quickly went from a so-so outside weed to beautiful, exotic strains which were grown inside. This way the first competitions started, usually between friends and seed fanatics. Back then it was mostly Skunk that was used and everyone was working hard to get the nicest, biggest, thickest and best variation of Skunk.

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This became the basis for pretty much every European marihuana plant. DutchFem Special by, you guessed it, DutchFem is an awesome Skunk variant that’s also affordable. She is easy to grow and can, on average, be harvested after only 8 weeks.


If you grow DutchFem Special indoors then it can still become pretty tall, about 120-150 cm (3’7-4’5 feet.) But if you grow this plant outdoors then she can become, under the right circumstances, become 300cm tall! (9 feet!) She grows best in a warm Mediteranean climate with a lot of sunlight. This plant will also grow well in a somewhat cooler climate such as The Netherlands, Germany or England. That has to do with her short flowering period.


Indoors you’ll get a yield which is above average. Outdoors, under the right circumstances, you might get up to 550 gram per plant! The taste and the effect of DutchFem Special are indisputable, it’s a little bit of Skunk mixed with a bit of Haze and a little ? It’s a nice and clear high that runs through your body quickly. DutchFem Special is especially for sea or green processes. Add the short flowering period and above average yield and you have the perfect plant for first time growers.

Additional information

Cannabis Type

50% Sativa 50% Indica

Genetic Background

Dutchfem's Special Skunk

Flowering Time

7-8 Weeks

Average Height



Strong and Sharp



Yield indoor 600w

500-550 gr/m2






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