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The new Fast & Furious is a real Quick One when it comes to automatics. For this, we’ve crossed the genetics of our super fast Dutchfem MadMax Auto with the shortest flowering Dutchfem Dutch Dwarf Autoflowering pheno that we coujld find. The result is the fastest autoflowering strain we’ve made thus far.

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When developing this new fast strain we’ve had one goal in mind: A strain that flowers even quicker than all our other autoflower strains. The fact that MadMax is a very quick one with a period of 9 weeks between germination and harvest is known around the world. It seemed impossible to create an even quicker strain. But by crossing this with the fastest flowering Dutch Dwarf we could find, we still managed to cut off a week. This Quick Fast & Furious Autoflower only needs 8 weeks to go from seed to plant ready to harvest

Fast & Furious Autoflower is a delicious autoflowering sativa indica hybrid that that stays rather small due to the Lowryder genes of Dutch Dwarf but still gives a nice yield because of the MadMax genes. When grown inside, this strain won’t grow higher than 50 to 75cm on 10 litre pots and won’t grow beyond 1 meter on open soil.

The taste and scent are a mix of its ancetors as well, meaning a sweet, spicy hazy flavour from the Amnesia ancestors of MadMax are still present. With about 15% THC, Fast & Furious autoflower also gives a very strong high as you can expect. Do you want a strain with a good taste and high yield which you can harvest quickly? Then Fast & Furious is the ideal strain to grow. But be quick, this strain could sell out very quickly.

Additional information

Cannabis Type

Autoflowering Indica & Sativa

Genetic Background

MadMax #33, Dwarf x Quickbud

Flowering Time

7-8 Weeks

Average Height



Hazy, Sweet and Spicy


Euphoric, Relaxed, Happy High

Yield indoor 600w







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