Lemon Cookies Kush

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Dutchfem Lemon Cookies Kush is a flavorful hybrid cannabis strain celebrated for its zesty citrus notes, balanced by a sweet, earthy undertone, delivering a well-rounded and uplifting experience.

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Lemon Cookies Kush

a harmonious blend of zesty citrus and sweet cookie goodness. These feminized seeds promise not only an all-female garden but also a delightful symphony of flavors and aromas. Discover the potential of your harvest with this exceptional strain, carefully crafted for both novice and experienced cultivators.

Strain Profile:
Lemon Cookies Kush Feminized Seeds from Dutchfem offer a tantalizing fusion of Lemon OG and Girl Scout Cookies genetics. This well-balanced hybrid leans slightly towards the indica side, delivering a sensory experience that combines citrusy zest with the sweetness of cookies. Each feminized seed ensures a garden full of potent, female plants ready to flourish.

Aroma and Flavor:
Prepare for a sensory delight with Lemon Cookies Kush. The strain emanates a refreshing citrus aroma, reminiscent of freshly squeezed lemons, complemented by a subtle sweetness. As the buds mature, the fragrance intensifies, promising a mouth-watering cultivation experience. Upon consumption, savor a flavor profile marked by a zesty lemon burst and an undertone of sweet, cookie-like goodness, creating an irresistibly delicious smoking or vaping experience.

Cultivation Benefits:
Lemon Cookies Feminized Seeds are the epitome of convenience and quality. These feminized seeds ensure that every cultivated plant will be female, eliminating the need to identify and remove males. With moderate growth patterns suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, these seeds promise a timely and generous harvest of resinous buds infused with the strain’s unique citrusy sweetness.

Immerse yourself in the well-balanced effects of Lemon Cookies Kush. This strain is celebrated for inducing a relaxed and euphoric state of mind, offering a perfect blend of mental clarity and physical tranquility. The versatile effects make Lemon Cookies suitable for various occasions, from unwinding after a long day to inspiring creative endeavors.

Medical Benefits:
Beyond its recreational allure, Lemon Cookies may offer therapeutic benefits. The strain’s mood-enhancing and relaxing properties can potentially aid in managing stress, anxiety, and mild depressive symptoms. The physical relaxation may also contribute to relief from tension and discomfort, making it a versatile option for medicinal users.

Why Choose Lemon Cookies Kush Feminized Seeds:

  • Exceptional Lemon OG and Girl Scout Cookies genetics
  • Feminized seeds for an all-female garden
  • Refreshing citrus aroma with a sweet cookie undertone
  • Versatile effects suitable for various occasions
  • Potent resinous buds and moderate growth patterns

Cultivate a garden of flavor and potency with Dutchfem’s Lemon Cookies Feminized Seeds. Elevate your cannabis cultivation journey with these premium seeds, promising both exceptional flavors and simplified cultivation. Order Lemon Cookies Kush Feminized Seeds now and embark on a cultivation adventure filled with zesty citrus and sweet cookie bliss.


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Additional information

Cannabis Type

70% Sativa 30% Indica

Genetic Background

Girl Scout Kush, Super Silver Lemon Haze

Flowering Time

8-9 Weeks

Average Height



Fruity Citrus, Hazy, Lemon


Euphoric, Extreme High, Happy Relaxed

Yield indoor 600w

600-650 gr/m2


Extreme High




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