Medicure 3.0 Melon


Medicure 3.0 Melon feminized CBD seeds is a CBD-rich strain, with extremely little THC.

This Medicure 3.0 Melon is the new and improved version of the first-generation Medicure.


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Medicure 3.0 Melon is already the third version of the fast expanding Medicure CBD family. This version too has a very low amount of THC of less than 0.3%, meaning this strain doesn’t have any psychoactive effects and can be grown legally in many countries. The amount of CBD of 3 to 8% is obviously incredibly high for such a low amount of THC. Last but not least, this hybrid gained a very sweet taste, too. By crossing Medicure 2.0 with a Melon CBD, we created a new smokable hemp variation for our Medicure catalogue.

The problem of many CBD hemp strains is that they can grow to be very tall, meaning they’re not suitable for indoor growing. Medicure 3.0 Melon gives compact plants that won’t grow taller than 75cm on 10L pots and are therefore perfectly suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors. With a short flowering period of 7 to 8 weeks, they’re still capable of growing nice, thick buds, On open ground they can grow to be 150cm tall if they’re planted at the beginning of the season and need a little more time to bloom off.

The Kompomti/Carmagnola/Medicure x CBD Melon gives this new strain an extra high amount of CBD of 3 to 8% or even more making the effect of Medicure 3.0 Melon not psychoactive and just relaxing and painkilling. That makes this strain not just suitable for growing a nice, smokable hemp but also very usable for the production of CBD Oil. Because of the incredibly low amount of THC and high amount of CBD, Medicure 3.0 Melon is the ideal strain for medicinal use. For making CBD Tea this strain is perfectly usable as well.

Additional information

Cannabis Type

Industrial CBD Hemp

Genetic Background

CBD Melon, Medicure 2.0, Kompolti & Carmagnola

Flowering Time

7-8 Weeks, 8-9 Weeks

Average Height



Fruity Citrus, Earthy Natural Hemp


high CBD effects, Non psychoactive

Yield indoor 600w

200 / 300 gr/m2


+/- 0,3%, Extreme Low


6%-9%, Extreme High


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