Orange Haze

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Orange haze seeds are one of the most popular Cannabis Sativa seeds from the Dutchfem genetics.  Its plants are uniquely characterised by a short flowering period as compared to the other types of haze. The orange haze is known to have extremely high in THC content and has low CBD  levels. Moreover, it contains about 35% Indica and 65% Sativa.

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The nickname orange is derived from its flavour, which resembles that of the citrus oranges fruits. History has it that a classic American originated haze was preserved since 1970’s. Efforts were done to preserve it for almost four decades. Then, it was later blended with a potent mother orange bud leading to the new orange haze. The development went through a series of cross-breeding. Thus, it inherited some of its ancestors characteristics. Each type involved gave it a trait making it one of the strongest Sativa loved by many. Today, you can buy orange haze cannabis seeds directly from us.


Orange haze grows well in different environments. Whether you would like to grow this seedling indoors or outdoors, the marijuana seeds will thrive. On an outside setup, it grows to a maximum height of ten feet. On the other hand, in an indoor growroom, the plant requires being controlled and kept shorter. Farming of the feminized cannabis seeds of orange haze is easy due to its unique strengths. For instance, it is highly resistant to fungus and pests.


The maturity speed of orange haze is a bit better than most other strains of Sativa. Within just nine weeks, the flowering is completed. For indoor farming, it has a high harvest rate as it can yield up to twenty-one ounces and a minimum of seventeen ounces per square metre. In case of outdoor farming, it can yield a lot more. A well cultivated outdoor grow can easely produce a similar harvest as in an indoor setup. The minimum harvest per square meter, in this case, is twelve ounces. In general, each plant in an indoor setup can produce 500 g/m2 to 600 g/m2 while for the outdoor, it can potentially produce 500 g/m2 up to 800 g/m2.


There are many reasons why you need to try our Orange Haze cannabis seeds. The product is effective in reducing and eliminating stress to users. This is supported by its ability to make the consumers relaxed after taking them. In fact, it served as a mood-boosting. Additionally, it is associated with boosting the energy levels. The strain helps to eliminate things such as fatigue. Furthermore, the scent of haze alone is a pleasant release from the plant. The orange-like smell makes it smell sweet and freshens the environment. Compared to its relatives, the taste and aroma make it have an additional bonus on top of comparable benefits.


You can buy orange haze cannabis seeds online from our website. We offer the seeds at affordable prices. We allow a 24/7 shopping service. For more information and queries, consult with our customer service.

Additional information

Cannabis Type

80% Sativa 20% Indica

Genetic Background

Orange Dream x Amnesia Haze

Flowering Time

8-9 Weeks

Average Height



Sweet and Fruity


Extreme High

Yield indoor 600w

500-550 gr/m2






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