Orange Jones Limited Edition

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Step into a world of limited edition luxury with Dutchfem’s Orange Jones Feminized Cannabis Seeds, a rare and exclusive strain that marries the renowned Orange Dream with the exceptional properties of Casey Jones.

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Orange Jones

Crafted for connoisseurs and cannabis enthusiasts, these feminized seeds promise an all-female garden, robust growth, and resinous buds that embody the epitome of quality. Elevate your cannabis cultivation journey with this limited edition fusion that brings together the best of OrangeDream and Casey Jones.


Strain Profile:
Orange Jones Limited Edition Feminized Seeds from Dutchfem showcase the expert fusion of Orange Dream and Casey Jones genetics. This balanced hybrid leans slightly towards the sativa side, ensuring a garden teeming with vigorous, resinous female plants that showcase the best qualities of both parent strains.


Aroma and Flavor:
Prepare for a sensory symphony with Orange Jones. The strain exudes a captivating citrus aroma, reminiscent of fresh oranges, blending seamlessly with the earthy and spicy undertones inherited from Casey Jones. As the buds mature, the fragrance intensifies, promising an aromatic cultivation experience. Upon consumption, savor a flavor profile marked by a delightful mix of zesty citrus and the complex, spicy notes of Casey Jones, creating a mouth-watering smoking or vaping experience that leaves a lasting impression.


Orange Jones Limited Edition Feminized Seeds are a cultivator’s dream, offering both quality and exclusivity. These feminized cannabis seeds ensure an all-female garden, eliminating the need to identify and remove males. With robust sativa plants suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, these limited edition cannabis seeds promise a timely and generous harvest of resin-coated buds infused with the strain’s unique combination of genetics.


Immerse yourself in the harmonious effects of Orange Jones. This strain is celebrated for inducing a euphoric and uplifting mental state, promoting creativity and sociability. The sativa influence is complemented by a gentle physical relaxation, making OrangeJones suitable for various occasions, from social gatherings to moments of personal reflection.


Medicinal Benefits:
Beyond its recreational allure, Orange Jones Limited Edition may offer therapeutic benefits. The strain’s sativa mood-enhancing and energizing properties can potentially aid in managing stress, depression, and fatigue. The subtle physical relaxation may contribute to relief from tension and mild pain, making it a versatile choice for medicinal cannabis users seeking a limited edition experience.


Why Choose Orange Jones Limited Edition Feminized Seeds:

  • Exclusive fusion of OrangeDream and Casey Jones genetics
  • Feminized cannabis seeds for an all-female garden
  • Captivating citrus aroma with earthy and spicy undertones
  • Uplifting sativa effects suitable for various occasions
  • Robust sativa plants for both indoor and outdoor cultivation

Cultivate a garden of exclusivity and exceptional quality with Dutchfem’s OJ Limited Edition Feminized Seeds. Elevate your cannabis cultivation journey with these rare seeds, promising both exceptional genetics and simplified cultivation. Order Orange Jones Limited Edition Feminized Seeds now and embark on a cultivation adventure filled with the limited edition allure of Orange Dream and Casey Jones.


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Additional information

Cannabis Type

50% Sativa 50% Indica

Genetic Background

Orange Dream x Casey Jones

Flowering Time

7-8 Weeks

Average Height



Sweet and Fruity


Happy Relaxed

Yield indoor 600w

550-600 gr/m2


Extreme High




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