Free Cannabis Seeds

Dutchfem is now bringing you even better deals by adding free items to every purchase over a set amount. Orders over 25€ will receive a FREE cannabis seed. Please refer to chart for details.

Order Value
Free Seeds
€ 25,-
1 Seed
€ 35,-
2 Seeds
€ 50,-
3 Seeds
€ 75,-
5 Seeds
€ 100,-
7 Seeds
€ 125,-
10 Seeds
€ 150,-
12 Seeds
€ 175,-
15 Seeds
€ 200,-
17 Seeds
€ 250,-
20 Seeds

Free Gifts

Seed orders over 25€ will receive a FREE Sticker + Giftcard, Grinder + Rolling papers and Boveda 4gr! Please refer to chart for more details.

*Free Gifts are NOT available for orders from the USA due to the stealth shipping of your parcels.

Order Value
Sticker + Giftcard
Grinder + Rolling Papers
Boveda 4gr
Lighter + Filtertips
Easy Start Plugs small
Softgrip Pen
Easy Start Plugs medium
Free Cap
Free T-shirt
€ 25
€ 35
€ 50
€ 75
€ 100
€ 125
€ 150
€ 175
€ 200
€ 250
Free Dutchfem Cannabis Seeds
Get free cannabis seeds with every order at dutchfem! We wil suprise you with some extra feminized cannabis seeds in your order! We offers a wide variety of feminized cannabis autoflowering or medicinal strains, including popular strains like Northern Lights, OG Kush, and Girl Scout. Those looking for something new and out of mainstream tastes would also not be disappointed from the selection and are sure to find something of taste. So order your cannabis seeds at Dutchfem and be rewarded with extra bonus marijuana seeds!
Free Dutchfem Smoking Paper
Enjoy your home grown cannabis from dutchfem with official dutchfem rolling papers! Smoking Papers are not a part of your arsenal to neglect, as they can, along with the plant, affect your taste, and therefore, your enjoyment when smoking. Dutchfem have taken care to choose the right type of papers, so that their taste does not sabotage the high-quality plants that our seeds produce. With the perfect texture and size, it is hard to pick any other type of papers after receiving Dutchfem's special type.
Free Dutchfem Lighter
The Dutchfem lighter is another welcomed gift with orders, as too many smokers are painfully aware of how easy it is to lose a lighter in the everyday struggle for time. Among plants, papers, grinders, and whatever else one might be carrying, a lighter is one of the first things to get lost. That is why it is advisable to stock up with more than one. To make sure you never run out a lighter, we will add one with every order above 50€.
Free Dutchfem Grinder
A vital part of every experienced smoker's inventory, the grinder is one of the first things that comes to mind when one thinks of cannabis convenience, which is why the team at Dutchfem is happy to present this grinder as part of the package when ordering cannabis seeds online. Its compact size and light weight mean one never has to grind their plant by hand again. Order your cannabis seeds at dutchfem and get a free cannabis grinder!

Buy feminized cannabis seeds from Dutchfem!

Dutchfem is the best Dutch cannabis seeds company  founded by experienced Dutch seed growers in the Netherlands. Available are autoflowering seeds, which bloom automaticly and after 8-9 weeks result in a plant that’s ripe for harvest, or medicinal CBD seeds for comercial licensed hemp growers. All Seeds are feminized, so customers would not need to remove any males when trying to keep the females. The plants are free of both parasites and pesticides, while high quality is emphasized by the company.

Order marijuana seeds from your favourite cannabis seeds bank, and receive FREE cannabis seeds, Grinder, Lighter, Smoking Paper, FilterTips, Boveda, Easy Start Plugs, Pen, Cap and a Dutchfem T-shirt with your purchase!