Return policy

1. The consumer can revoke an agreement regarding the purchase of a product during a period of max. 14 days. The consumer does not need to give a reason for this, but the entrepreneur can ask for this. However, they can not force the consumer to give this reason.
2. The in part 1 named time starts on the day the consumer, or a by them pointed third party, which can not be the carrier, recieved the product, or:
3. If the consumer ordered multiple products at the same time: the day the consumer, or the aforementioned third party, recieved the last product. The entrepreneur can, unless the consumer is informed, deny an order regarding multiple products, with multiple delivery times.
4. If the delivery of a product is made up of different deliveries or parts: the day the consumer, or their third party, recieves the last delivery or part.
5. With an agreement for regulated deliveries of products during a specific period: the day the consumer, or their third party, recieved the first product
6. The packaging has to be be sent back unopened, if you need to return it. All opened packages will not be considered for a refund of the products, in any way, shape or form.