Satisfaction Guarantee

Our demands are high, this means that we’re only satisfied when you are. Because of that, amongst other things, we have made the Satisfaction Guarantee on all your purchases at This means:

100% Welcome

  •       We’re happy with you as a customer.
  •       We will do everything to keep you as a happy customer.
  •       We’re doing this because we’re only satisfied when you are.

100% Service

  •       DutchFem takes that extra step for you.
  •       Your complaints are taken seriously and solved by DutchFem.
  •       Our specialists are always ready for you.

100% Quality

  •       Our products are of high quality.
  •       Germination is guaranteed within 30 days of delivery.
  •       The quality of our seeds is always double checked.

100% Speed

  •       If you’ve ordered before 4 PM (16.00) we ship your order the same day!
  •       Most problems can be solved by our customer support team.
  •       For advice you don’t have to make an appointment, you can just connect with us on social media.

100% Professionality

  •       At DutchFem, all of our staff is experienced and know what they are talking about.
  •       At DutchFem you get honest answers and good advice.
  •       We take a lot of care in shipping your order in the most discrete way.