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We are delighted to announce the latest addition to our cannabis seeds collection, Doctor Diesel Autoflower! For those of you familiar with our pre-existing range, you may have even tried the Dutchferm Doctor Diesel before, this particular strain was known for the positive changes it would bring about. These included increasing energy, a more positive mindset and even motivating more productivity. The smell was distinctive; having spicy and earthy aromas with a pungent typical diesel undertone that would be recognizable anywhere. Well, now you can grow your own!

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You may be wondering why would anyone would buy the auto-flowering version of Doctor Diesel rather than the original, the answer is this version has higher CBD levels and medium levels of THC! This auto-flower is a potent genetic cross between Doctor Diesel and a powerful Ruderalis strain. The cannabis strain type is a Sativa dominant hybrid, in other words, meaning a cerebral high with relaxing effects. From start to finish, it will take roughly only 70 days and capable of flowering after approximately 3 or so weeks. The set growth period of 3 weeks is definitely quick for any cannabis strain.


Whilst the size of the full plant may not be the biggest or anything to brag about, it is well suited to a small cultivation room or a garden where big plants would prove difficult to accommodate due to space concerns. The harvest of this particular auto-flower is very high considering how little space and time it will take up. As with any auto-flower strain, they will bloom automatically and are fairly low maintenance in terms of effort. Normally with auto-flower strains, the psychoactive effect of the marijuana is less in duration due to the THC levels being lower in comparison to their feminized seed counterparts. However, this is not the case with this new product as we have combined the best of both worlds; less maintenance and a longer duration due to the comparatively high THC levels because of a hybrid seed type.


If you are interested in growing your own marijuana, we do offer some products that may be of importance to you such as the auto-flowering cannabis seeds as well as feminized cannabis seeds. They could help you on your way to becoming self-sufficient in your need for weed. However, we would recommend this strain the most as it is the best out of both options as auto-flowers or feminized seed strains by themselves require more care and attention.


We, Dutchferm, as a company are dedicated to making your smoking experience as enjoyable as possible! In order to achieve this, we offer only the best products not limited to the high quality grinders and rolling papers but also quite simply the best plant material available!  Buy our Doctor Diesel Automatic feminized cannabis seeds now online at dutchfem and try out this amazing strain yourself!

Additional information

Cannabis Type

Autoflowering Indica & Sativa

Genetic Background

Doctor Diesel x Critical XL Automatic

Flowering Time

7-8 Weeks

Average Height



Sweet and Fruity


Energetic and Inspiring

Yield indoor 600w







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