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The Easy Start Plug is really easy to use and gives the biggest chance for a successful germination of your DutchFem seeds. Dip the Easy Start Plug in water with a temperature of 22c (71.6F) for one minute and, if possible, with a ph-value of 5.8. Let the excess water drip out and the Easy Start Plug is ready for use.

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Put the seed in the hole and push it 0.5cm down carefully. Carefully loosen some soil to close the hole and cover the seed with a bit of soil. Don’t press it hard! Put the tray away at a temperature of 24c (75.2F), preferably in a grow box so that the plugs stay humid. To prevent the Easy Start Plugs from dehydrating, make the tray wet one more time. After 2 to 5 days the seeds will sprout and the plants will need light. It’s wise to overpot the Easy Start Plug with the sprouted seed after 1 or 2 days to a pot with more soil or in a larger starting block.


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