Northern Light Autoflowering

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Northern Lights is one of the most well known cannabis strains in the world. The genetical background is Afghanistan and she was brought to the USA in the ’70s. There, she quickly became one of the most populair strains at that time. This immense popularity paved the way for the mid 80’s, where she became the standard for indoor growing in the Netherlands.

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With Northern Light Autoflowering the famous Northern Light is finally available in an autoflower version. People who like an easy way out; the Northern Light autoflowering is a perfect solution for you. The Northern Light autoflower is both suitable for cultivation indoor as well as outdoor. When growing indoor, after germinating, you’ll have to wait for about 9-10 weeks before she is ready to harvest. Outdoors she will probably be ready in about three months.


Northern Light Autoflower is one of the best producing autoflower strains available at the moment. The plant grow pretty tall for an autoflower so she can produce more of those lovely buds. Indoor she won’t grow taller than 80-100 cm (2’5-3 feet) and outdoor she will be around 100-130 cm (3-4 feet). In the right climate, often around the Meditirenean Sea, you can harvest up to 800 grams per plant. Indoor and under the right circumstances, you can yield up to 90 grams per plant.


The taste, smell and the effect are very comparable to Northern Light. When smoking Northern Light Autoflowering you will taste a nice, sweet and fruity citrustaste with a light meditative and “uplifting” high.

Additional information

Cannabis Type

Autoflowering Indica

Genetic Background

NLX x Dutchfem auto

Flowering Time

7-8 Weeks

Average Height



Sweet and Fruity



Yield indoor 600w

500-550 gr/m2






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