White unisex slogan T-Shirt with Dutchfem MadMax#33


Dutchfem white unisex T-shirt featuring the red, white, blue and orange MadMax #33 slogan. This white short sleeve unisex T-shirt is the perfect addition to any Dutchfem and MadMax #33 lovers wardrobe. 100% organic cotton that won’t harm the environment and ensures complete comfort. Available in S, M and L.

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Made using 100% organic cotton, this white unisex MadMax#33 slogan t-shirt is not only stylish, but environmentally friendly too. On the front of the T-shirt you will find the beautiful MadMax #33 slogan in red, white, blue and orange and the name of your favorite seedbank webshop in small white letters.

This white unisex T-shirt is available in small, medium and large and is machine washable.


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