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Zkittlez Cupcake Candy Feminized is one of the sweetest strains that the growmasters at Dutchfem managed to create so far. This Zkittlez is extremely sweet and trumps every Zkittlez strain out. You only need to try Zkittlez Cupcake Candy once and it’ll blow all your expectations out of the water.

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You surely know the super sweet cupcakes with a thick layer of icing and sweet, coloured sprinkles on top. You can feel the cavities forming with every bite. Our new Zkittlez Cupcake Candy tastes just like that and is less harmful for your teeth. The buds look like a cupcake with a thick layer of icing near the end of its flowering period as well. The feminized Zkittlez Cupcake Candy has a very high amount of THC of between 22 and 23% and it a crossing between Watermelon OG and Zkittlez. This indica dominant hybrid has a very strong relaxing effect and is the ideal strain to end the day with. This strain is also very suited if you just want to spend the day binge watching your favourite shows.

The plants from Zkittlez Cupcake Candy are very compact and ideal for growing inside on pots because of the indica dominance. They’re easy to grow and are guaranteed high yield, even for beginning growers. With a growing time of 3 weeks they’ll grow to be around 75 to 100cm tall and will flower within 8 to 9 weeks. When growing outside on open soil they won’t get bigger than 150 to 200cm if you don’t top them. This strain, when grown indoors, is very suited for SOG with a short growing time and for SCROG if you want to give them a bit more growing time. By topping them regularly when growing outside you’ll get a firm bush that you can keep at 150cm high.

Are you looking for a very sweet strain with a high amount of THC? Then Zkittlez Cupcake Candy is the ideal strain for you. Order the feminized seeds now or try our Zkittlez autoflower if you prefer the autoflowering strain

Additional information

Cannabis Type

70% Indica 30% Sativa

Genetic Background

Triangle kush x Animal Mints

Flowering Time

8-9 Weeks

Average Height



Sweet and Spicy


Euphoric, Happy Relaxed

Yield indoor 600w

600-650 gr/m2


Extreme High




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