CBD Dark Chocolate


This delicious pure chocolate has been specially made to gift you with the benefits of both cannabidiol and cocoa. Cannabidiol is a natural component that is found in hemp. The bar is made from natural ingredients that are GMO free.

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Each CBD Dark Chocolate bar contains 120 grams of chocolate and 600 milligrams of CBD. We have made sure that you will experience absolute happiness with every bite of Dutchfem CBD Dark Chocolate. Our handcrafted raw chocolate results in a perfect joy-inducing, nutrient dense bar with pure CBD that has been extracted with supercritical CO2 extraction. Experience the strong robust pure chocolate taste with the subtle ingredients of exotic cacao and 100 percent organic CBD.


The Dutchfem 100 percent organic CBD Dark chocolate has a flavor that is unsurpassed and this makes it perfect for even chocolate recipes. Every bite gives you floral nuances with a slight cacao taste and dark, sweet earthy flavors that are tempered with an even melt that is super smooth. The CBD in this pure chocolate is extracted from our 100 percent organic farms which are tended by very dedicated and passionate farmers, thus, the quality is golden. When you open the CBD Dark chocolate package, be prepared to be blown away by the pure happiness you are about to experience.


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