CBD White Chocolate


We are happy to introduce you to our new Dutchfem CBD White Chocolate. The CBD white chocolate has been specially enhanced with CBD oil leaving you with an extra sense of happiness every time you take a bite.

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The product contains 120 grams chocolate bars with an even smooth melt, and have been infused with 600 milligrams of CBD. White chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids and our very own organic CBD. It does not contain the cocoa solids which are in darker chocolate that gives it the color and flavour. The oil has been extracted from CBD cannabis flowers of the highest level CBD values in the market.


Enjoy pure bliss with every bite from the superior chocolate taste and the wide range of cannabinoids that are generously offered by the cannabis plant. The CBD that is added to our white chocolate grows organically from our farm and it has absolutely no chemicals. The classic taste of our CBD white chocolate will leave you yearning for more when melting evenly in your mouth as it releases the complex flavors of pure cocoa butter, sugars, whole milk and our very own organic CBD.


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