CBD Milk Chocolate


Milk chocolate is a favorite for most people around the world. Dutchfem CBD Milk chocolate is a lavish decadence that surely delivers on quality and flavor every time you take a bite off it. Our CBD Milk chocolate is classically derived from dark chocolate of cocoa solid content, milk, sugar and a perfect touch of CBD. This combination results in variations of a breathtaking slight caramel taste.

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The overall taste of this CBD Milk chocolate is sweeter as well as lighter than that of our CBD Pure chocolate and the texture is softer. A CBD Milk Chocolate Bar contains 120 grams of chocolate and 60 milligrams of CBD. With the added 600 milligrams of CBD in every package, you can be sure that this chocolate will give you an unforgettable sense of joy with every bite. Dutchfem uses the best and the finest CBD from our own organic farm to infuse this chocolate, thus, ensuring the highest quality. If you want a feeling of pure bliss, please try out our CBD Milk chocolate and trust us that you will definitely come back for more because one is never enough.


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